Toowoomba Attraction - The Empire Theatre

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Toowoomba Attraction - The Empire Theatre



The Empire Theatre is a fantastic attraction in Toowoomba, boasting the largest performing arts precinct in regional Australia and renowned for it’s classic art deco architecture.

Built in 1911 and rebuilt in 1933 in art deco style following a fire, and then fully restored and reopened in 1997, the Empire Theatre is practically a Toowoomba institution, a hub for entertainment in the region for over 100 years.

It’s evolved in recent years to be more of an entertainment precinct, with other venues springing up to accommodate more of the fantastic travelling shows and talent available from Australia and around the world.

Take a tour during the day and catch a show in the evening, whether it’s ballet, a concert, cabaret or a classic flick. There’s a full bar during most events and the atmosphere inside is intimate and has astounding accoustics.

Check the website for a complete list of upcoming events and performances.

The Empire Theatre is at 56 Neil Street, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

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