Toowoomba's Russell Street Historical Walk

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Toowoomba's Russell Street Historical Walk


There is a fantastic self-guided walking tour of Toowoomba's Russell Street which will lead you by landmarks of the fine historic architecture of Toowoomba, many of which date back to the 1860s.

The walk commences at the Railway Station on Railway Street, continues west on to Kensington Street and then turns east to pass the beautiful shop fronts of the city centre.

At the beginning of the walk, a WWII air-raid shelter rests in the car park and beyond it lies the beautiful cream and maroon railway station. There’s also a recently opened Inbound Brasserie with a delicious menu and breakfast served until 11am.

Explore the station with it’s historical photos, decor and history, before moving on to the historic Russell Street, renamed after politician Henry Russell in 1854, the street is dotted with buildings full of character and history.


Buildings of note include the Hotel Norville, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery and City Hall and the Whitehorse Building (1912).

You can grab an information brochure at the Toowoomba Visitor Information Centre on the corner of James and Kitchener Street before you take the walk.

Allow a minimum of one hour for a brisk walk and longer for a leisurely stroll.

First Image: By TravellerQLD - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,