Mt Barney National Park

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Mt Barney National Park


Mt Barney National Park is located in the Scenic Rim region of Queensland. Towering as the second highest peak in south-east Queensland, Mt Barney like all mountains in the region are the remains of an ancient Focal Shield Volcano thought to have erupted 24-million years ago.

The national park is filled with unique locations and a diverse variety of delightful regional food and wine experiences.

The national park is also of great significance to the aboriginal people of the region who have legends which explain their connection to the mountains.


Accommodation is easy to come by, romantic cottages and beautiful farm-stay bed and breakfasts make for great options. At Mt Barney camping is also a popular option, Bigriggen Park near Rathdowney is a popular camping spot. Mt Barney Lodge Camping is the closest to Mt Barney itself and is another popular option.

Mt Barney is a natural playground with plenty of bushwalking and hiking options for intrepid adventurers. Abseiling, rock climbing ascents rogaining, guided eco walks and much more are all available through the fantastic tour companies which provide adventuring opportunities in the area.

There are also three well-maintained trails through around the base of the mountain. The rest of the mountain is considered wilderness and is only recommended for experienced walkers with navigational skills.

Head to the Scenic Rim for an incredible outdoor experience. Mt Barney National Park is brimming with opportunities to relax, recuperate and reconnect with nature.