Craft Beer in the South East

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Craft Beer in the South East


Want to enjoy some awesome, locally brewed craft beer, crisp, fruity ciders and super fine spirits? Then head to one of the popular Breweries in South East Queensland.

You’ll want to head to Black Coffee Lyrics on Surfers Paradise Boulevard, the fantastic Scenic Rim Brewery, the Four Hearts Brewing Company and Pumpyard Bar and Brewery  in Ipswich and both The Spotted Cow and Wolf Clan Brew in Toowoomba.

This craft beer experimentation has resulted in some incredible craft beers that the locals have fallen in love with. Beer lovers will delight in the flavours and dedication to finding the perfect beer.

These places boast fantastic venues with places to eat, drink, shop and relax.

Head there for happy hour of a day and bump shoulders with the locals, whose motto is surely “the more the merrier”.

Get really into your beer tasting in South East Queensland. Talk in depth about full malt bills, the subtlety of standard amber ale and the balancing of hops against roasted malt flavours with the knowledgeable and passionate staff.

Whether you’re after something subtly spicy, a hint of floral sweetness, something clean and crisp or an earthy, malty draught, it’s all available if you go chasing the awesome craft beer of South East Queensland.